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Pop-up ads in the middle of a VR experience can be a buzzkill. And a challenge for VR content creators who want to create seamless gaming environments. One local VR startup has teamed up with a SoCal-based online advertising exchange, with

A fin-tech startup for gamers officially blasted off today, with $7 million more in seed funding, including an investment from personal growth entrepreneur Tony Robbins. The e-sports industry is expected to hit $2.5 billion by 2020. This company, with HQ in Newport

A fin-tech company with HQ in Irvine announced today the appointments of a new CEO and CTO. AutoGravity, a digital car-financing platform that provides offers on demand, hired Alex Mallmann as CEO and Jason Bonifay as CTO. The announcement comes as the

  The voluminous amount of data out there can be as overwhelming for businesses as it is for individuals. What’s a decision maker to do? The global “datasphere” is expected to reach 163 zettabytes by 2025. Most of this is unstructured data,

A company that supports parents of newborn babies that need intensive medical attention. A company that provides healthcare systems with remote care for their most challenging patients. These are the first two startups that a SoCal healthcare fund has invested

OC Startups Now is posting this article with the permission of SoCal Tech, which posted this story today. Marc Averitt, managing director of Okapi Capital, with HQ in Laguna Beach, declined to comment to OCSN any further than this press

Starting a new company takes grit and perseverance. It also takes patience. Just ask Rick Triola, founder and CEO of NotaryCam, with HQ in Newport Beach. Most entrepreneurs have to wait for things like patents, for their company to be

OC Startups Now is posting this article with the permission of SoCal Tech, which posted this story this morning. The Irvine Company has an enormous nationwide portfolio of retail centers, residential properties and commercial properties that house startup incubators and co-working

A group of entrepreneurial women, with connections to CSUF’s Center for Entrepreneurship, have formed a group to support and mentor female entrepreneurs. The Titan Women Entrepreneurs Collective will host its first meeting at CSUF’s Startup Incubator in Irvine on July 26

OC Startups Now will periodically run Q&A’s with interesting entrepreneurs and key players in the OC startup/innovation ecosystem, in their own words. This Q&A features Jessica Acosta Jacquez, the director of Startup Grind Irvine since late last year. The local


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