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May 28, 2018:

Any good startup should act as a disruptor and catalyst. That’s been the case with OC Startups Now. In its effort to brand the OC startup/innovation ecosystem as “Digital Coast” – which was selected as the winner in a contest for subscribers, it shook up the powers-that-be, who were already working on branding the entire county, unbeknownst to yours truly.

I’ve now been made aware that there’s a larger branding effort going on to brand OC itself, including its vibrant innovation ecosystem. There are multiple people and entities involved. And, I’ve been told, that for the first time, by some of those involved, that the outcome of this comprehensive effort will have traction.

“Digital Coast” is part of that. It reflects an important part of OC’s innovation ecosystem, as several stories on this website are about companies that are going digital themselves, to modernize and stay relevant, or trying to digitize entire industries, like Cloudvirga with the mortgage industry. But going digital is just one element of OC’s ecosystem. Med-tech, bio-tech and pharma  also continue to be an important part of OC’s innovation network.

OC Startups Now will be collaborating on this county-wide branding effort.

Stay tuned!

April 23, 2018:

One of the goals of OC Startups Now is to give entrepreneurs a voice. That voice has spoken – from a contest for subscribers – and the moniker it has come up with for the ecosystem is…

Digital Coast. Having a moniker helps identify Orange County’s startup ecosystem and set it apart from Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley. It shows that Orange County’s ecosystem is viable and growing. And, it puts it on the radar of the national press.

The science behind the new name: McKinsey & Company assert that going “digital” is less of a thing itself and more a way of doing things (see article here) It defines going digital as having these three features: creating value at the new frontiers of the business world, creating value in the processes that execute a vision of customer experiences and building foundational capabilities that support the entire structure.

The OC startup ecosystem meets all three criteria. Whereas “silicon” is specific to the semi-conducting properties used for electronic circuits, the technology has evolved way past that. “Digital” is the present and the future moving forward.

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