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OC Startups Now is an independent website dedicated to news, opinions, Q&A's and features about the OC startup ecosystem. The goal is to make this the first place to get this news. This will be accomplished by frequent email blasts.

The majority of posts are full-fledged articles, with interviews with CEO's and co-founders, not just re-published press releases. So, subscribers are getting new and valuable information, with deeper insights. Press releases are just a starting point. This is how OCSN differentiates itself.

There are two ways to access the content:
1) sign up to receive the email blasts - these will have headlines that will direct you back to the website
2) subscribe for $5 a month to read the full stories - you will also get the email blasts.

The majority of the content is restricted to subscribers. Free articles are designated with an asterisk (*). Company names are bolded and underlined to signify links to their websites.

It was created by Deirdre Newman, who covered startups for two years for the Orange County Business Journal.


At the Business Journal, Deirdre had several other beats to cover besides startups. This website allows her to focus exclusively on the vibrant OC startup ecosystem. And, give the ecosystem the attention it deserves as it grows.


Deirdre was so inspired covering entrepreneurs for two years that she decided to become one herself. As a long-time journalist, this is the first time she’s embarking on her  own business venture.


She looks forward to continuing to cover the OC startup ecosystem and giving entrepreneurs a voice – especially with the opinion pieces and Q& A’s that are featured on this website.


Check the Events tab for OCSN’s own events.


And, the Community Calendar is a great resource to see what’s happening throughout the ecosystem, as well as to use for planning, so large-scale events don’t compete with each other on the same day.

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