NEWS: Second Annual Event Highlights Greek Startups

It’s that time again for EurekaFEST, the annual celebration of startups and innovation presented by Peter Polydor at the Eureka co-working building he owns in Irvine.

The festival is tomorrow. And, there have been related events all week leading up to it.

Thursday night brought the second annual Accelerate Greece event.

Polydor previously created a non-profit in partnership with The Hellenic Initiative, which focuses on entrepreneurship in Greece.

For the second year in a row, Accelerate Greece, a nonprofit, selected three Greek companies and flew them to OC for EurekaFEST (see calendar item here) on April 6.

Those three startups gave brief pitches to attendees at the April 4 event. They are: Deliver Back, Fight Hoax and Pobuca. They are all looking to expand into the U.S. market. Some are looking for funding as well.

Deliver Back created software for hotels so they can automate the process of returning items left behind to their clientele. It’s seeking $350,000 in seed funding to build and expand its team. The company launched about a year ago and its software is being used by more than 100 hotels in Greece.

FightHoax, was created as a direct counterpoint to the hate speech, trolling, spamming and hacking perpetrated by various entities on social media sites like Facebook. It provides news analysis for media and businesses, to help them protect their brand value and avoid ad placement next to hate speech and the like. It’s looking for custo

Pobuca developed software for sales, marketing and productivity that helps brands and retailers grow in the digital economy. The software enables brands to bypass retailers and reach out to consumers directly. It’s looking to connect with a U.S. telecom company, like AT&T.

More on Accelerate Greece

The purpose of Accelerate Greece is to foster innovation in that country by supporting entrepreneurs. It’s supported by the Hellenic Initiative, launched in 2012, which supports the Greek startup ecosystem, (in addition to crisis relief and economic development).

Accelerate Greece’s board includes fellow entrepreneurs with Greek roots: Stergios Anastasiadis, director of engineering at Shopify; Jim Brisimitzis, general manager of Microsoft for Startups; and Steve Vranakis, executive creative director at Google.

More on Polydor

Polydor obtained an accelerated MBA program at Oxford University in England. He’s also the CEO of Ergo Capital, in Irvine, a venture investor in growth-stage tech companies. It invests through its accelerator, Ergo Accel.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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