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Author: Deirdre Newman

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Deirdre Newman is a veteran journalist, who's covered OC startups for two-plus years.

A startup that develops software for smart buildings launched a big data platform for buildings in smart cities. The new platform collects and structures the myriad data that impacts buildings – inducing structural, operational, financial and environmental – into a single source

A startup that insures concert tickets has entered into a strategic partnership with a national platform that provides ticketing services for thousands of arts, entertainment and sports organizations worldwide. Protecht, with HQ in Newport Beach, created a way for attendees to

This reflection by Andy Wilson, executive director for the Alliance for SoCal Innovation, is in partnership with SoCalTech. The Alliance was created in 2017 to unify the innovation ecosystems of OC, LA and SD. It draws heavily on university-affiliated research and

When Don Frail was hired to conduct R&D at Allergan, a global biopharmaceutical company, he relocated from the Boston area. Now, he’s moving back there and establishing an R&D presence in the Kendall Square section of Cambridge, a “hub of science,

OCTANe, a life sciences and tech accelerator, brought 19 companies that have gone through its LaunchPad accelerator in Aliso Viejo to meet investors at the 37th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, happening now in San Francisco. Those companies are seeking close

OCTANe, a life sciences and tech accelerator in Aliso Viejo, is one of the prime drivers to make OC an epicenter of innovation, while also aligning OC with the greater SoCal region. Now, it’s joining forces with FivePoint Holding to

In light of the founder of a local incubator and affiliated funds losing an arbitration case recently, OCSN is looking into other situations where VC firms and funds are linked to incubators. (See story here about Stuart Frost, and his

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