CATALYZED BY THE CORONAVIRUS: Organic Pajama Line Now Making Organic Face Masks

When Angela Bentley and her family lost their Pekingese dog, Brian, after he lived for 16 years, they wanted to create a legacy for this dog, “who truly loved all children.”

So, the family created a line of organic children’s pajamas called Brian the Pekingese, in 2013, which is under the parent company, Bentley Brands, with HQ in Irvine.

But as the coronavirus pandemic spread and face masks became a critical commodity, instead of making pajamas, the company pivoted and started making masks — using the same material they do with their pajamas, 100% organic cotton made in LA. Some also have 5% spandex.

“(The first batch) quickly sold out, and we’ve been making them ever since,” she said.

The face masks are washable and reusable; they’re made from two plys of fabric, with self binding ear loops.

They come in two sizes – adult and kids. The adult size fits most adults, teens and tweens.

The kids size fits children aged 3 to 8. Per CDC guidelines, children age 2 and under should not wear face masks. These masks are not intended for hospital or medical use.

Bentley said the company has, over the years, done a number of things to make Brian the Pekingese a sustainable brand, in addition to manufacturing locally and using organic cotton fabric.

It also created a program called Brian the Pekingese Cares. When its customers’ children outgrow their pajamas, they send them back to the company, and it recycles the cotton.

“That’s why we chose to make reusable face masks from organic fabric, instead of something disposable,” she said.

The company also donates masks to medical professionals and community groups.

The pajamas can be found on the company’s web site, on Amazon and at children’s boutiques across the country.

About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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