The Startup Inclusivity Roundtable Series – Focus on Funding

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The Startup Inclusivity Roundtable Series – Focus on Funding

April 18, 2018 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The Hungry Lab + WeWork Present Part 2:

The Startup Inclusivity Roundtable Series – Focus on Funding

April 18 at 5:30 PM
200 Spectrum Center Drive Ste 300, Irvine

The Hungry Talks Startup Inclusivity Series, in partnership with WeWork’s SheLeads Initiative, brings together a roundtable of local leaders and innovators on how we can cultivate a more inclusive startup ecosystem, focusing on critical themes related to startup launch, investment and growth.

Join us for an exciting and substantive evening of food, networking, and engaging talks from entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers.

Featuring Diverse Perspectives from the LA/OC Startup Ecosystem, including:

Delilah Panio

As the VP of Capital Formation for TMX Group, Delilah works with US companies to consider listing and financing in the Canadian capital markets. As the founder of Stiletto Dash (a consulting firm), she works with early-stage companies on their business and funding strategy and on getting investor-ready.

Delilah is also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of We Are Enough, a non-profit that educates women on why and how to invest in women-owned businesses and/or with a gender lens.

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TSX Venture Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange:

TSX Venture Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange are committed to providing a sophisticated, diversified marketplace that connects issuers of all size and sectors 
to the growth capital they need. Together, our equities exchanges help entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals and reach their true potential. From small to early-stage companies looking to gain access to public venture capital and a strong foothold in the public market, to larger, established companies looking to take their business to the next level through a listing on TSX, our two-tiered capital formation ecosystem offers traditional and non-traditional financing and liquidity solutions that can be as unique as the businesses it serves.


Melinda Kim

Melinda is the Executive Director and Co-Founder for PeopleSpace incubator and coworking from Irvine, California. She has over 18 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience and her work now allows her to facilitate collaboration and innovation between developers and business entrepreneurs from around the world.

Melinda believes in the power of joining forces to enrich each other’s lives. Aside from her main responsibilities, Melinda is also a Startup Weekend Facilitator and NASA Space Apps Lead. She specializes in Statistics Driven Product Analysis, Business Strategy, Growth, Community and Social impact.

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Get ready for an engaging roundtable and lightning talks from our featured startup founders!

Come learn about what our startups are doing in Artificial Intelligence, HealthTech and the gamification of EdTech!

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Our Hungry Talks roundtable series, including the Startup Inclusivity topics, are dynamic events where we get down to brass tacks with a diverse cross-section of leaders and entrepreneurs who are working across silos to improve our local startup ecosystem. What does this actually look like? Who do we involve? How do we get there? What are our challenges?

If we sit back and accept the siloed futures conceived by others based on groupthink, tunnel vision and homogenous complacency, we miss out on innovation, business opportunities and talent. We also significantly undermine our collective potential to improve our world.

Why is this important? Studies continue to show how companies, including tech startups, benefit from a more diverse workforce and management. Society benefits from greater economic development and better livelihoods. While only 5% of tech startups are owned by women and only 7% of partners at top 100 venture capital firms are women, momentum is growing across the industry on this topic.

We need to do better because success is NOT a zero-sum game. Further, diversity is NOT binary. Diversity is more than male or female. It’s more than black or white. It’s also the diversity of age, background, education, sexual orientation, perspective, expertise, investment criteria and vision for the future.

We’re thrilled to have WeWork and their SheLeads Initiative as our partner and sponsor in this roundtable series.

We hope you offer your voice to this conversation. I’d love to include you in our movement. Lots more to come.

About #SheLeads

WeWork’s SheLeads is a global initiative event series with the mission of advancing gender equality in the workplace.


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