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*NEW PARTNERSHIP: OCSN Partners with I Like This Grape to Bring You the Latest Trends on Modern Wine Culture


Today is the start of a new partnership with I Like This Grape, a digital platform aimed at millennials and modern consumers for the discovery and purchase of wine. It features “culturally-relevant” channels of social, video, and blogging, as well as by featuring the future faces of wine in terms of young, hip sommeliers. The blog touts its content as the “Voice of Modern Wine Culture.”

Today’s post is about wine branded for the HBO series, Game of Thrones. Here’s a snippet: “Created by Vintage Wine Estates in collaboration with HBO Licensing and Retail, the GOT line was introduced in the spring of 2017 with a chardonnay, a cabernet sauvignon and a red blend (somehow, I missed that festive occasion). This year, they’re trotting out a pinot noir. Descriptors like “game-y,” “barnyard” and “forest floor,” commonly used for pinot, seem especially apropos here, given the general filthiness of the GOT world. (I shudder to think how they crush grapes in King’s Landing.)

To access the full blog post, click here.

I Like This Grape was created by Naushad Huda, who also founded a digital marketing agency, which he recently sold to Vincit. See more on that here.  I Like This Grape also creates signature events around OC, like a recent one featuring art based on Kanye West’s music.

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