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*NEWS: Allergan Establishing Presence in Cambridge, MA — a Hub of Innovation and Science

When Don Frail was hired to conduct R&D at Allergan, a global biopharmaceutical company, he relocated from the Boston area.

Now, he’s moving back there and establishing an R&D presence in the Kendall Square section of Cambridge, a “hub of science, innovation and business opportunities,” according to an Allergan press release.

Besides Frail, Allergan will add five to 10 more people at the Kendall Square location as an extension of its Research and External Science Innovation unit, which is now about 50 people, an Allergan spokesperson told OC Startups Now. This unit is split between Irvine and New Jersey.

The new Cambridge group will be integrated with the Allergan organization, and serve as a portal to its other R&D sites in New Jersey, San Francisco and globally.

Frail joined Allergan in 2014 as as SVP of research and external scientific innovation and non-clinical and translational sciences. He has led the Research, Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology and ADME departments, including the External Science & Innovation initiatives to evaluate and implement partnerships and acquisitions across Allergan’s four key therapeutic areas.

He will continue to lead the Irvine team from Cambridge, according to the release.

Previously, Frail led the Emerging Innovations Unit at AstraZeneca, the Indications Discovery Units at Pfizer and the CNS Discovery organization at Pharmacia.

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