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*NEWS: Detect This! Veritone Launches Object Detection and Tracking Product Using AI

Object detection is a rapidly growing part of the computer vision industry, which is projected to grow to about $48 billion by 2022.

An innovative OC company capitalized on that by developing an AI-based object detection and tracking product for developers. The goal is to enable developers to quickly and accurately detect objects in visual media

Veritone, with HQ in Costa Mesa, today announced the launch of Objectbox, which uses a subset of AI known as machine learning, which developers can use to “train” their own custom object detection engines.

The company is touting this as “unique” because it’s accessible to those without data science expertise. It combines advanced object detection capabilities with a user-friendly interface that allows users to get immediate feedback on the efficiency of the detection.

Objectbox has applications across all industries that use video and image content. It can be used with Veritone’s existing AI platform, known as aiWARE, in the cloud. Or it can be used in hybrid environments without the need to send data outside an organization’s firewall.

The hybrid option is significant for government, legal and law enforcement users relying on the tech to aid efforts like eDiscovery, surveillance and suspect identification, according to Veritone.

“At Veritone, we are democratizing AI, and believe that it will play an increasingly larger role in helping to solve some of our world’s most complicated challenges,” Chad Steelberg, Veritone co-founder and CEO, said in a press release.

And, in the media and entertainment industry, for example, a broadcaster using Objectbox within aiWARE can inform its advertising clients when their logos appeared during a sporting event broadcast, how long it appeared on screen and how big the logo was.

It can also provide audience analytics, which helps the broadcaster demonstrate their client’s ad spend ROI.

Objectbox is the first new cognitive engine released by Machine Box for aiWARE since it was acquired by Veritone last September.

Two of Veritone’s newest industry applications, Veritone IDentify and Veritone Redact, are already leveraging Objectbox, enabling users to identify objects and faces in visual media.

Veritone has more than 300 employees with other offices in Denver, London, New York, San Diego and Seattle.

About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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