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*NEWS: Ephesoft Launches Hybrid Product For Transitioning Into Cloud During Peak Times

Ike Kavas, founder and CEO, Ephesoft

An Irvine startup has launched a software service for businesses that want rapid cloud processing but also want to keep some of their servers on their premises.

It’s also for companies and organizations with demand peaks in their operations, which cause stress to their infrastructure for document intelligence brought on by either unpredictable or predictable seasonal volumes.

Take CyberMonday, for example when retailers get overloaded with invoices and credit card applications, as well as other shopping holidays. Or tax firms during tax season.

Customers that have volatile workloads are another target market.

Ephesoft, with HQ in Irvine, has launched a hybrid product that transitions the resource-intensive processes into the cloud for peak performance and scalability.

The company is in the enterprise content capture and data discovery space. See a recent article on Ephesoft here.

Ephesoft claims its target markets will see “significant” cost reductions using its new Cloud HyperExtender and will only have to pay for what they use, in addition to avoiding the need operational complexity associated with managing data center infrastructure.

The Cloud HyperExtender enables organizations to “optimize” their existing Ephesoft Transact on-premise product with “improved” performance processing of up to 2,500 pages per minute – more than 10 times faster than a strictly on-premise version, according to a press release issued by the company.

The Cloud HyperExtender is an add-on application that leverages cloud image processing in conjunction with Ephesoft’s latest release of Transact 2019.1, which uses a specialized type of AI – supervised machine learning.


This is the first of many cloud micro-services and applications that Ephesoft plans to launch.

Ephesoft Transact with Cloud HyperExtender is available to customers, partners and resellers now in North America and is expected to expand globally later this year.

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