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*NEWS: Talent Sharing Company Acquires HB Startup ShiftMe

Megan Hottman, CEO, ShiftMe

A talent sharing company in L.A. has acquired a shift-swapping app aimed at giving employees more flexibility over their hours.

Forge Technologies acquired ShiftMe, which had prior HQ in Huntington Beach, according to a press release issued Feb. 27. ShiftMe is now fully integrated into Forge.

Its core tech enables employees to list a shift that they can no longer work on the mobile app for other employees to pick up and gives managers the ability to approve the shift swap.

The software enables businesses in close geographic proximity to partner to share part-time labor. Businesses give their employees, who may be looking for some additional hours, an option to join the network.

In exchange, businesses are able to interview, hire and train other employees from nearby businesses who are non-competitive in the network.

Once hired, employees can use Forge’s flexible scheduling to ensure they’re never double-booked for shifts.

Megan Hottman is the CEO of ShiftMe. She and her team will be moving to L.A.

Forge launched in 2016 and has expanded across more than five industries and created a talent sharing network.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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