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*Q&A: Cloudvirga CEO Explains Why the Digital Mortgage Software Startup is Committed to OC

This Q&A is with Dan Sogorka, CEO of Cloudvirga, a white-hot software startup that’s digitizing the mortgage process.

The company recently moved into UCI Research Park and is hiring.

Last year, it raised $50 million in a Series C round. (See related article here.)

In this Q&A, Sogorka explains why Cloudvirga is committed to OC, where it started.

OCSN: You recently made the move to UCI Research Park. Why did Cloudvirga choose this location for your new offices?

Sogorka: We knew we were always going to stay in Orange County, and UCI Research Park is the ideal physical space for us to call home. We’re excited for the opportunity to convene with other growth-oriented companies in a state-of-the-art facility on the grounds of one of the nation’s top research universities. We know we need to stay competitive as we grow, and UCI Research Park offers the premium facilities and amenities today’s top talent is looking for

OCSN: Why not move to Silicon Valley instead?

Sogorka: Cloudvirga was born and raised in Orange County, so it wouldn’t have made sense for us to pack up and leave for elsewhere in the state. Orange County is home to a rich history in the mortgage and technology spaces, and now it’s a hotbed for the entire SoCal tech scene. Our organization is a testament to the growth that can be achieved right here in Irvine, and we’re excited to see the tech and startup communities continue to thrive.

OCSN: Cloudvirga has doubled its headcount in the last two years. What factors contributed to such rapid growth?

Sogorka: I think it’s been a combination of a few things. From a macro perspective, it’s a really exciting time to be in the mortgage industry.

Internally, building an incredible team that’s been up to the task of drastically improving the experience of our lenders and their customers.

The mortgage tech space is so complex and so highly regulated that we needed excellent team members from early on in our lifetime to compete in this space, which set us up for this period of growth and success.

From day one, we’ve been guided by our mission to automate the back office, empowering lenders to deliver mortgages at higher speeds and lower costs. That’s how we’ve been able to support billions of dollars of loan volume across a national footprint for some of the top mortgage lenders and banks in the country.

OCSN: Cloudvirga plans to hire 50 new technical employees. What would entice them to work at Cloudvirga?

Sogorka: We’re a mission-driven company, and our talented team of product managers, architects and engineers knows that everything they do helps us progress toward our goal of delivering a product that reduces the cost of manufacturing a loan, so lenders can help more consumers achieve their goal of home ownership.

While we’re proud to offer industry-leading benefits, perks and compensation, our employees choose to join our team because they want to work in an exciting industry, toward a tangible goal, that has a real positive impact. This sense of purpose makes Cloudvirga an exciting place to work.

OCSN: What advice do you have for an early-stage founder trying to grow his or her own tech-driven startup?

Sogorka: The quickest path toward growth is by surrounding yourself with talented people who can quickly buy into your vision with their entire personal brand. Until everybody is all-in, internalizing your brand, and truly committed to your cause, you won’t be ready for rapid, but sustainable growth.

At Cloudvirga, we believe our team’s talent and success goes hand-in-hand with its level of commitment and belief in our mission. Everyone here truly wants to be a part of revolutionizing the mortgage tech space. That’s how we’ve gotten here today, and, as our team grows, it’s how we’ll continue to innovate at a massive scale in the future.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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