INNOVATION: Irvine NonProfit That Helps Homeless Continues to Help Them Throughout the Entire State in Innovative Ways

As the coronavirus is seriously impacting the homeless, an Irvine nonprofit has stepped up to help.
Although Jamboree Housing Corp.’s corporate offices are closed, its staff are considered essential workers and continue to partner to deliver services throughout California to its over 19,000 residents, Community Outreach Director Helen Cameron told OCSN.
In OC, specifically, hundreds of seniors and permanent, supportive-housing residents are getting food boxes delivered to their doorsteps. In addition, each household receives routine care and referral to essential services such as mental health resources.
And, direct communication is being provided through Jamboree’s community impact team to each household in its 4,100 units throughout the county.
While housing for the county’s homeless population continues to be a critical need, according to Cameron, Jamboree continues construction ion new housing for the homeless.

“Our construction team is working diligently on final inspections for our Veterans Village in Santa Ana,” Cameron said. ” As 75 formerly homeless veterans move into their new furnished apartments, they will also receive home starter kits generously donated through our funding partners. We also began construction on over 100 units in Anaheim of new workforce housing this week at our Manchester-Orangewood community.”
The Jamboree corporate team is also continuing its efforts to convert motels/hotels into permanent solutions for the county’s unsheltered homeless. Acquisitions and funding are already underway in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Buena Park, with plans to shelter and support more than 200 formerly homeless residents in the coming year.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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