INNOVATION/NEWS: BioLargo Finalizes JV To Distribute Odor Control Product in South Korea

An innovative OC developer of sustainable tech, under the auspices of a full-service environmental engineering company, announced that its joint venture with BKT and Tomorrow Water has been finalized.

BioLargo, with HQ in Westminster, announced that the joint venture in South Korea will manufacture and support the distribution of odor and volatile organic compound control products.

As part of the agreement, BKT has purchased $350,000 worth of BioLargo common stock.

The parties are funding the joint venture with $150,000 from BKT and Tomorrow Water and $100,000 from BioLargo.

Operations of the JV are expected to begin shortly.

The parties have worked together for months to exchange information and product training, work with prospective customers, perform testing, among other things to get ready to distribute the CupriDyne Clean-based products in South Korea.

BKT is a wastewater treatment provider operating in the U.S., South Korea and Vietnam. Headquartered in Daejeon, South Korea, BKT has an extensive distribution network throughout Southeast Asia.

CupriDyne Clean is a patented product that controls odors at a host of industrial sites like landfills, transfer stations and wastewater treatment operations.

CupriDyne Clean is gentle, non-toxic, eco-friendly and does not contain pesticides.

Dennis Calvert is the CEO of BioLargo.

About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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