NEWS: AI Software Startup for Retailers Makes Shopping Easy in Time of Social Distancing. AWM Smart Shelf Powers a Market in Santa Ana…

In this time of social distancing, a startup that’s adroit at cutting out the middleman has opened a market without any cashiers.

Adroit Worldwide Media, aka AWM Smart Shelf, opened the market QuickEats at luxury apartment community Nineteen01 in Santa Ana, the company announced in a press release today.

AWM is a tech company that uses machine learning, a subset of AI to track shoppers —  their purchases and their behaviors. See a recent article about the company here.

QuickEats is a cashier-less market and features products like soda and water, as well as fresh grab-and-go foods and household items.

“When we planned the launch of QuickEats many months ago, we never could have imagined the circumstances our community now faces, as Orange County practices social distancing due to coronavirus” Adroit CEO Kevin Howard said in the release. “We made the decision to open our doors because QuickEats can provide vital food, drink, and personal care items to Nineteen01’s residents in a completely ‘frictionless’ environment that adheres to the current protocols being requested by OC’s Health Officer.”

How It Works
The tech, powered by AI, enables consumers to shop as normal.

They enter through a gate using a personalized QR code downloaded from the QuickEats app.

Cameras placed throughout the store track traffic, and customers are assigned a random, anonymous ID when they begin shopping.

The AI software detects when customers interact with products and whether to add or subtract those items from their cart.

When they’re finished shopping, customers are charged for items they take from the store through their digital wallet and receive a receipt via email or text.

Adroit also offers automated inventory intelligence and anonymous consumer behavior tracking applications that can direct customers to other parts of a store using digital signage, enabling up-to-the-minute advertising and pricing solutions.

About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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