NEWS: Coronavirus Catalyzes Masimo To Pull the Trigger Early on Exclusive Option to Buy German Company That Makes Ventilation Support Equipment

With the coronavirus affecting a large segment of the global population, especially in the upper respiratory system, there’s been a demand for med-tech companies that can help patients with breathing.

The coronavirus was the catalyst for global medtech company Masimo to exercise its exclusive option to acquire a Germany company that makes ventilation support equipment.

“We decided to exercise our option to acquire the company well before the option expired to allow Masimo to scale manufacturing,” Masimo said in a press release issued yesterday.

An investment by Masimo in TNI medical AG last year – the amount of which was not disclosed – paved the way since it included that exclusive option to acquire the company. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Masimo has its HQ in Irvine.

TNI’s softFlow tech is designed to provide high-flow, warmed and humidified respiratory gases to patients suffering from serious pulmonary conditions.

It generates a precisely regulated, stable high flow of room air or a mix of room air and oxygen.

The system, comprised of an integrated flow generator, respiratory circuit, and patient interface, operates without the need of pneumatic systems (i.e. compressed air supplied from the hospital wall) and can be used both in the hospital and at home.

Joe Kiani is the founder, chairman and CEO of Masimo.

The transaction is expected to close in Q2.

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