*NEWS: EvoNexus Incubator Accepting Applications

Irvine incubator EvoNexus (see related story here about the incubator’s latest news) is sending out a call for applications for the next round of startups. The deadline to apply is September 14

The bar is high to get accepted. In its last round, the incubator only accepted one startup: PlayWerk. This company created a VR forklift simulator.

EvoNexus also has a presence in San Diego, where its HQ and original incubator are.

“Our teams have been growing and that has made space super tight (in Irvine) over the last year,” Manager Alexa Enlow said. “With our latest success story of Swift Health Systems, (the company that created the orthodontic product, Inbrace, (see more info on that here)), graduating and moving out – with $26 million in capital and a team that grew from five to 60 – we have some more space to incubate unique technologies and hungry entrepreneurs who desire to grow their teams in the SoCal region and further accelerate the innovation economy.”

EvoNexus said it differentiates itself from other incubators based on the following:

– access to capital: a track record that attracts VC’s (more than 170 to date) and angels investors; 77% of its entire portfolio secured funding during incubation

– a “first-class” volunteer network: domain experts and serial entrepreneurs

– strategic introductions: potential customers, capital sources and IP support

– dry lab space: the ability to support uber-technical engineering teams

– long- term residency: a milestone-based program fostering a path to sustainability

EvoNexus is a tech incubator and hub for SoCal’s startup community, designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. 

Now that EvoNexus execs feel they have a proven track record, along with great portfolio companies and statistics to support the high-caliber reputation of the organization, the incubators are now taking equity stakes in the startups they accept, Enlow said. It’s also a step to become more self-sufficient and not rely so much on the Irvine Company, which has provided free office space, for the most part, in both Irvine and San Diego.

EvoNexus sponsors include global tech and life science corporations like Qualcomm, Verizon, ViaSat, Blizzard and LG.

Link to apply to the Irvine incubator here.

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