*NEWS: Locker Board Gets Another Patent

Carson Kropfl, inventor, Locker Board skateboard

Most teenagers are starting school with a tan. Carson Kropfl, 13, has another patent under his belt. The inventor and “chief fun officer” of Locker Board, received a patent for his “unique,” rectangular-shaped skateboard deck that fits in a standard-sized locker or backpack. 

Kropfl was already the recipient of a $65,000 investment from Sir Richard Branson for a 20% stake in Locker Board, a company DBA Streetubez LLC.

Kropfl designed the skateboard in 2016, when he was 11.  A skater and surfer in San Clemente, Kropfl grew frustrated that he couldn’t fit his standard skateboard into his locker. His creation of 17” skateboards are apparently the only non-folding, sustainably-sourced skateboards on the market that are designed specifically to fit in a school locker or backpack, according to the company.

The current Locker Board line-up includes the Travel Cruiser, a 17” skateboard designed for cruising; the Travel Trickster, a 17” skateboard that lives up to its name and is used for tricks; and the all-new Shred’it Skateboard, a 24” board designed for skate parks that straps easily to the outside of a backpack and fits inside larger school lockers, like those in the Midwest and on the East coast. 

Sustainability and environmentalism are “critical” components of the Locker Board mission, according to the company. Each Locker Board deck is made of 100% recycled maple. Kropfl donates his time and a portion of Locker Board’s proceeds to Ocean’s Unite, an ocean conservation agency. He helped launch the #SaveSanO Movement to save one of his favorite surf breaks, speaking about the topic in a TEDx Talk and onboard the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise. This effort is to get the 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste from the San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump (aka SONGS) put in safer canisters.

This new patent is the second one Kropfl has received. He scored his first patent at the age of nine for a skateboard accessory for Streetubez, which provides skaters a tube-like surfing experience on dry land. Kropfl plans to begin production on Streetubez in 2019, in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics, where athletes will be competing in skateboarding and surfing events for the first time. Sir Richard Branson also owns a stake of Streetubez.


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