NEWS: Masimo Announces Remote Patient Solution Aimed At COVID-19 Response

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Irvine-based Masimo, which develops instrumentation for patient vitals monitoring, and University Hospitals (UH), a health system in Northeast Ohio, said this morning that they have launched a new, remote patient management solution specifically aimed at helping to aid in response to the COVID-19 virus response. According to the two, their new system, Masimo SafetyNet, is an economically scalable patient management system designed to help clinicians care for patients remotely. The new system connects one of Masimo’s pulse oximeter products with a remote patient surveillance software product called Doctella. The two said the combination allows for expanded patient monitoring to the home or to other facility locations set up temporarily to care for the increased demand. Masimo’s instruments allow for tracking of a patient’s oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate (RR), and temperature remotely. The companies said UH intends to begin piloting the system next week; it’s unclear if/when the two would make the system available to the broader community.

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