*NEWS: Med-Device Startup Diality Raises $10M

A med-device startup that developed a portable home hemodialysis machine closed a $10 million Series A round, according to an early November press release.

Diality, with HQ in Irvine, said in the release:

“Today only about 12% of the 468,000 dialysis patients in the U.S. receive home dialysis. But with the increasing cost of in-center dialysis and the recent executive order launching the Advancing American Kidney Health initiative, there is momentum to significantly increase the percentage of patients receiving the benefits of home dialysis”

Diality’s mission is to build a home hemodialysis machine that will “finally address machine usability, flexibility and portability issues that contribute to the limited adoption and sustained use of home hemodialysis.”

This round of funding will be used for design transfer, submitting for regulatory approval and initiating clinical studies.

Mea culpa: I have a partnership with the news service that distributed this release, but did not see it when it first came out.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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