*NEWS: Med-Device Startup Modulim Announces New CEO and Launches Device

A med-device startup spawned by the Beckman Laser Institute has a new CEO.

Modulim, originally founded by David Cuccia, uses optical SFDI technology with the mission of improving healthcare delivery and saving lives.

SFDI is an acronym for spatial frequency domain imaging, a wide-field optical diagnostic technique that is intended to do a large-area interrogation of the target tissue.

Cuccia is stepping down as CEO and taking on the role of CTO. While Richard Oberreiter, Cuccia’s mentor, is stepping up from COO to CEO.

Modulim also announced the launch of Clarifi, the company’s imaging tool that identifies circulation loss in tissue.

Powered by SFDI, Clarifi combines “cutting-edge photonics and data science to help clinicians reduce the incidence of deadly ulcers and amputations for millions of patients,” Cucia wrote in an email explaining the C-level changes.

“Clarifi is the result of years of hard work, starting with our first experiments using structured light when I was an undergrad, into today’s diverse group of passionate medical device professionals, all driven to bend the arc of healthcare toward prevention. I’ve been honored to help fuel this growth by raising over $20M from government grants and forward-thinking private capital investors.”

Cuccia said he “looks forward” to this opportunity to focus on extending the reach of Clarifi and leading our scientists, engineers, and investors to bring SFDI to new fields, such as burn wounds, oncology, surgical guidance, dermatology and more.

Work on what is now Modulim started at the Beckman Laser Institute in 2005.

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