NEWS: Movandi Announces $27 Million Series C to Expedite 5G Network Deployments and to Hire in Irvine and Australia

Movandi announced, in an April 16 press release, that the funds would be used to accelerate and extend the range of “real world” 5G mmWave deployments.

WRVI Capital led this current round of financing along with Cota Capital and DNX Ventures.

Movandi’s 5G mmWave products enable usage of devices across the complete 5G ecosystem from consumer and enterprise market segments, and applications from the internet of things, mobile, AI, software defined networks and automotive.

Movandi said it will use the funds to grow its teams in Irvine, and Australia to continue developing its integrated circuits, antennas, systems, and algorithms, while delivering 5G routers that expand 5G coverage and act as repeaters for a wide range of 5G applications.

Movandi was founded by two siblings, Maryam and Reza Rofougaran.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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