NEWS: OCSN Issues a Challenge For Tech to Innovate Around the Search for Affordable Housing in SoCal. Preliminary Info Below. More To Come…

After 2.5 years, OC Startups Now is issuing its first challenge – who in the SoCal tech world can streamline the process of looking for, and applying for, affordable housing?

With millions around the country facing imminent eviction, due to the recession caused by the pandemic, something needs to be done to innovate in this area and streamline the process.

Right now, looking for affordable housing is a complicated morass- a patchwork of lists by counties, as well as private developers and management companies.

There is no master list. So, you have to search and find the ones offering affordable housing, and then look for their communities in SoCal, and then call to get an application and then be told the waitlist is years long.

It’s almost impossible to see which affordable housing communities actually have vacancies, it’s challenging to get applications actually mailed out to you and almost impossible to get into these communities. Each community has its own requirements, whether it serves families, or veterans, or the disabled, or individuals, etc.

There is no single list, either by county, or region, or state. And, there needs to be, at least on a local level. Something similar to the CommonApp, where high school students can apply to over 800 colleges through one online application.

Most of the applications for affordable housing are still on paper. There’s no one-click application for any affordable housing community that OCSN has researched.

This entire process needs to be brought into the modern age, and the tech community is the one to do that.

Many counties have established procedures for getting the chronically homeless off the streets, into shelters, and then into stable housing in affordable housing communities.

But, there’s not a lot of options for individuals or families who may find themselves homeless due to a singular circumstance, like a recession caused by a pandemic, with high unemployment due to a lack of jobs, a volatile stock market and a huge drop in the GDP. The GDP dropped by almost 33%, as reported yesterday, apparently the worst drop since these reports started.

This article serves as initial notice and preliminary information, subject to change.

OCSN is in the process of talking to potential sponsors, who may provide some sort of “prizes” to those with viable ideas. More to come on this, and how many potential finalists and winners there would be.

But OCSN wanted to get the word out on this today, so innovators can start working on this now.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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