NEWS: AR Startup for the Visually Impaired Expands Locations and Grows Its Team. Ocutrx Investigating Potential IPO Next Year…

A startup that develops glasses for the visually impaired, which use augmented reality(AR)/extended reality(XR) tech, is expanding into new locations and has hired three new execs.

Ocutrx Vision Technologies with HQ in Irvine, has opened new locations in Laguna Beach and Palo Alto, according to a June 16 press release. These two locales will house the company’s southern and northern California sales teams. They will also serve the Western states.

Also, to support the return of medical manufacturing from China to the U.S., Ocutrx has obtained a manufacturing and testing facility in Colorado. This high-tech electronic/mechanical design and manufacturing plant is where the circuit boards and electronics production, along with AR headsets and other assembly will take place in the future.

Michael Freeman is the CEO and CTO of Ocutrx.

The company touts itself as “a new breed” of augmented-extended reality. It developed a light-weight, high-res AR headset, with 60 pixel-per-degree resolution, the highest resolution the human eye can see at 20/20.

Ocutrx created a surgery visualization platform for operating rooms.

The startup is also growing its team. One of the recent hires is John Bluher, the new director of finance. Bluher spent many years on Wall Street, including with Prudential Securities, Janus Capital, and Lehman Brothers. He has also worked for the SEC.

He will also assist Ocutrx as it investigates a potential IPO for 2021. He will work out of the company’s headquarters in Irvine and sales office in Laguna Beach.

Another recent hire is Simon Prosser, who takes on the role of global director of surgical applications. Prosser is an experienced business development executive in the med-device space who’s been involed with research and development initiatives around the world for multinational companies.

Prosser will help hospitals and clinics integrate Ocutrx’s tech. He’ll be working with Ocutrx medical advisor Daniel Ting, a doctor and world leader in AI for ophthalmic surgeries, to bring robotics, visual arrays, and haptic sensors to the OR. He will work out of both the Ocutrx sales office in OC and Ocutrx Technologies’ subsidiary’s Kensington High Street offices in London.

The third recent hire is Marc Stenzel, who’s the new director of patient sales and marketing. With a deep background in low-vision aid sales and marketing, Stenzel has expertise in building sales organizations and marketing teams.

He previously worked with low-vision companies like Enhanced Vision, a hardware company, and Telesensory, a low-vision software products company for visually impaired and the blind.

At these companies, he grew sales into the high multi-millions. His new role will be to lead patient directed marketing efforts for Ocutrx’s Low-Vision Oculenz division. He will kick off a pre-sales campaign in July.

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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