NEWS: Startup That Developed Personal Shopping Concierge Seeking $1 Million in Seed Round

A shopping concierge app that pivoted to serve people at home during the lockdown is now raising a seed round and seeking $1 million.

MyShoperoo has already secured 20% of the round from previous investors.

It hopes to close the round by the end of Q3.

Co-founder and CEO Krishna Vanka told OCSN he’s meeting with family offices and VC’s in OC and greater SoCal to raise the funding.

MyShoperoo raised over $500,000 last year in pre-seed round financing.

Customers include ListReports, BeaconPath, Rutan and Tucker and American Healthcare Investors.

See this article on how My Shoperoo recently pivoted from B2B to B2C. Its digital logistics platform now serves employees working from home, as well as individuals. And, its services are being considered as part of workplace wellness and safety initiatives, while companies plan on how best to bring employees back to offices.

About The Author

Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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