NEWS: Vision Tech Startup, Adroit Worldwide Media, Announces Two Partnerships

A vision tech startup using AI announced two partnerships at a recent trade show.

Adroit Worldwide Media, which created the AWM Smart Shelf, will enter into a global partnership with OptiCrib, a Shamrock company.

And, AWM also announced a partnership with Microsoft as part of AWM’s end goal of “intelligent retail.”

AWM is also in the midst of a $4.5 million raise.

AWM’s Smart Shelf enables consumers to shop as normal, and then check out by simply walking out of the store, due to AI-powered software that tracks their every step and interaction.

In the B2B space, the OptiCrib storeroom management tool uses “ruggedized” high-def optical sensors, combined with weight-sensing tech to keep track of inventory levels, according to AWM’s press release.

The goal is the efficient management of durable and consumable materials.

AWM said its tech reduces costs for retailers and provides highly-detailed data, all the way down to product interactions and customer paths.

The tech can be implemented in a wide range of store sizes and formats, from micro-markets, to convenience stores as well as larger-format retailers.

From a tech standpoint, parts of Microsoft Azure are heavily used to “provide a reliable and scalable platform,” according to the release.

This software supports AWM’s AI tech, as well as powers other integrated and stand-alone AWM offerings, all of which provide an end-to-end “smart store” experience.

“Microsoft has played an integral role from the start,” Kevin Howard, AWM’s CEO said in the release.

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