NEWS: XPRIZE Launches Pandemic Alliance To Tackle COVID-19

This article was originally published by SoCalTech, with whom OCSN has a partnership:

Marina del Rey-based XPRIZE has launched a new effort, the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance, which it says will help scale the impact and promise of solutions to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Acording to the group–which normally runs competitions to spur development in technology–the new group is open to the world’s innovators, clinicians, researchers, data scientists, institutions, and experts, to help push breakthroughs, research, tap into a network of supports and partners, and more.

In addition, the Alliance will work on accelerating solutions for remote care, provisioning of personal protective equipment to the front lines, increasing access to testing, and improving food and medicine security for vulnerable populations.

XPRIZE is partnering with Anthem on the effort, and says that the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Ending Pandemics, Intel, Illumina, IEEE, MIT Solve, C2, Cloudbreak Health, the Foundation Botnar, McGill University, Nvidia, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, PPE Coalition, and UCSD are also involved in the effort.


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