OPINION: Movandi Cofounder Discusses the Significance of 5G and how Movandi is Innovative in the Front-End Design of Communication, Especially After Raising $27 Million Recently

By Reza Rofougaran, cofounder,  CTO and co-CEO of Movandi

Movandi is a venture-backed startup based in Irvine with a mission to revolutionize the next generation 5G cellular networks and beyond. (Movandi announced in April that it had raised $27 million in a Series C round. See article here.)

In the evolution of cellular networks, 2G enabled text messaging, 3G enabled surfing the internet from cellular phones, and 4G brought streaming video.

5G promises to offer data rates that are 100 times faster than 4G, enable new applications, such as the smart home, self-driving cars and future mobile cloud-based services, and connect an exponentially increasing numbers of wireless devices for the internet of Things (IoT).

5G is beginning to deploy, rapidly, but in order to truly achieve the ambitious goals of low latency, high bandwidth, greater availability, faster speeds, and consistent coverage — there are unique challenges that must be overcome.Operating in the millimeter wave (mmWave) band, which is section of the radio frequency spectrum between 24GHz and 100GHz, presents unique technical challenges versus traditional connectivity and cellular systems.

First, traditional approaches to RF design breakdown, requiring new and innovative architectures to achieve high performance in low cost bulk CMOS foundries.

Second, higher frequencies have greater transmission losses caused by distance, blockage, and non-line-of-sight conditions, depending on the environment and the application.

Finally, to achieve longer range, beamforming and beam management are often required, adding to system complexity.

Focusing on new system elements required to close the communication link, Movandi is bringing an innovative approach to the RF front-end design starting with the antennas, radios, and algorithms required to ensure robust communications.

Movandi can deliver unmatched performance, cost and size advantages across challenging high frequency mmWave to unlock the potential of 5G and other multi-gigabit millimeter communication applications.

Solving these challenges will unlock the huge potential offered by much greater bandwidth, spatial reuse, and frequency reuse, which support much higher performance systems in the same regions.

Rather than using existing building blocks, Movandi has developed an entirely new 5G foundation using a system-level approach to achieve radical improvements (as compared to traditional, expensive, bulky and inefficient mmWave antennas) to deliver solutions that are more compact, highly scalable, more power-efficient over a wider power range, more spectrally efficient and more affordable to deploy.

This is achieved through our distributed RF architecture and integrated with antenna arrays built in. Using a system level design combined with a distributed RF architecture, it provides scalability and supports any front-end application with any size phase array or antenna architecture.

Furthermore, Movandi is bringing a revolutionary innovation to 5G networks in the form of intelligent mmWave relay/beam routing networking, which will be managed by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms running on the cloud. This will manage and configure relays into different network structures such as mesh architecture, across the complete 5G ecosystem from consumer and enterprise markets including applications IoT, mobile, AI, and automotive. Not only enabling 5G infrastructure, but the complete 5G mmWave ecosystem to ensure that it can be broadly deployed with the capacity, throughput, latency and reliability in multiple deployment scenarios.

By taking this innovative strategy, Movandi has mitigated the shortcomings of 5G and solved today’s real-world 5G deployment challenges — addressing non line-of-sight, high path loss, and self-install issues along with complexity and cost issues.

The main triumph of 5G will be to promote and convert into everyday reality other technologies already existing and very promising, but that have not taken off completely, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as both are very dependent on bandwidth.

Movandi is uniquely positioned to win by making high frequency mmWave with true 5G gigabit speeds and low latency accessible to anyone, anywhere with a mobile device. We’re leading the next wave of 5G by empowering and partnering with global tier 1 operators such as Verizon, enabling them to accelerate their 5G mmWave deployments by solving their coverage issues.

In fact, a new report from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) reported that 22 operators are known to be already deploying 5G networks using mmWave spectrum.

The future of 5G mmWave depends on our ability to make the most out of today’s new 5G infrastructure. Movandi’s intelligent relay/beam routing, unique design and performance capabilities deliver a complete solution with unlimited mesh configurations that solve mmWave propagation, blocking, path losses, and latency. We are enabling the 5G future with the goal to unleash the potential of 5G technology for billions of users around the world.

(Movandi’s 5G mmWave products enable usage of devices across the complete 5G ecosystem, including consumer and enterprise market segments, as well as applications pertaining to the internet of things (IoT), mobile, AI, software-defined networks and automotive.

Movandi said it will use the millions it just raised to grow its teams in Irvine and Australia — to continue developing its integrated circuits, antennas, systems and algorithms, while delivering 5G routers that expand 5G coverage and act as repeaters for a wide range of 5G applications.

Movandi was founded by two siblings  Reza Rofougaran and his sister, Maryam.)

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