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*Q&A: Sarah Armstrong of Batch Co-working Space

Sarah Armstrong, founder, Batch co-working space

We will periodically run Q&A’s with interesting entrepreneurs, in their own words. This Q&A features Sarah Armstrong, a badass who speaks her mind. She created the Batch co-working space in Santa Ana, the only place in OC that she believes has any soul.

Armstrong: I’ve never known a reality where I didn’t feel capable and empowered to make something happen if I wanted to see it happen. I started roping my friends into doing carwashes so we could make money to take ourselves to FunQuest when I was 7. I’ve just always been this way.

OCSN: What was the primary catalyst for creating your co-working space?

I couldn’t find an existing co-working space that I liked enough to spend a whole day at. To be fair, at the time I opened Batch about five years ago, there were significantly fewer options than there are today. Everything was either too far or felt too sterile or the energy felt stagnant. I wanted to feel like I was somewhere when I went to work. So, having the blind confidence of a millennial only child, I opened my own.

OCSN: Why locate it in Santa Ana, as opposed to L.A. or anywhere else?

Santa Ana is the only place in Orange County with any soul, and it’s an absolutely beautiful place to be. It has an energy that feels like you can actually be a part of making it happen, still. Everything else in Orange County feels like it’s finished, or never going to shift at all. It’s the curse of the master-planned commuter county, I think.

OCSN: What is the current status of the space?

Batch is unique in that we only operate month-to-month terms. That is to say, the membership can vary drastically from month to month… however we tend to average about 10 memberships per month.

OCSN: How much money have you currently invested in the space?

When I opened Batch, I used the approximate $1,000 I had in my savings account at the time, and whatever additional maybe thousand or two that was left to max out my credit cards. It was very bootstrapped.

What sold people was not the furnishings or the amenities, but the intention and the community, and being a part of the energy of downtown Santa Ana.

I’m not currently raising any money, because I don’t want to be beholden to investors. I hold the business model of Batch very near to my heart, as I believe fully in operating a space that is best for the members, rather than focusing on making the most money.

OCSN: What are some of the companies at Batch?

A Name Brand Co, Armstrong’s creative agency, November Press, which does graphic design, branding and marketing, and PS Design & Co, a boutique design and branding studio.


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