NEWS: Craft-Distilled Liquor Delivery Startup Quenches the Thirst and Demand of its Members. Shots Box Launches Sample Boxes That Can Be Customized…

There’s a few things many people need while in quarantine – food, toilet paper, and the occasional (or frequent) cocktail.

A Stanton startup that focuses on craft-distilled liquors is fulfilling one of those needs, and responding to member requests. Shots Box has launched a customizable sample box.

Shots Box launched in late 2018. It’s a subscription service that delivers craft spirits directly to customers.

Since 2018, members have been able to discover and taste craft spirits in sample sizes before making a commitment to purchasing full-sized bottles. This saves them money and they can do this from the comfort of their own time.

Now, customers can curate their own monthly sample box by choosing any 10 craft spirits minis from Shots Box repertoire.

In addition, members can also customize the company’s existing gin, vodka, whiskey, and liqueurs boxes. Gin, vodka and liquer boxes sell for $39.99.

Whiskey and fully customizable variety boxes are $49.99.

Monthly memberships come in one month, three month, six month or year-long memberships.

The cocktail box of the month rotates monthly. May’s box is the Old Fashioned Cocktail Box, including extracts/syrups, a measuring spoon, sugar cubes, garnishes, a recipe card and four whiskey minis of Balcone’s Texas Rye 50 ml (50% ABV, 100 Proof)

The company also recently launched a new member portal, with some extra benefits.

Members now have access to the new Shots Box Rewards System, which enables access to prizes and gift cards.

They also receive reduced shipping, special promotional offers and access to Shots Box meetup events, which are online now, and will resume in-person when it’s safe to do so in the areas where they live.

Shots Box will also continue to offer its Craft Club Membership in clear, dark, or mixed spirits – which offers craft aficionados a box containing three full-sized, specially-curated alcohol bottles delivered right to a member’s doorstep every two months.

In addition to helping consumers discover new brands, it also supports local distilleries, which may not have wide distribution or marketing, by providing the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

J.C. Stock is the CEO and co-founder of Shots Box. See related article about the company here.

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