UDPATE: OCTANe Announces Presenting Companies at its Technology Innovation Forum

Alan Benjamin, CEO, GigaIO

OCTANe, the Aliso Viejo technology and life sciences accelerator, is working to prepare eight companies for its annual Technology Innovation Forum later this month. (see info on the event here). 

The focus of the conference will be “Building the SoCal of Tomorrow,” as OCTANe CEO Bill Carpou is working to unify the entire SoCal innovation ecosystem, known as Digital Coast, with OC at the center.

It’s OCTANe’s signature annual event. More than 800 attendees are expected, including entrepreneurs, investors and industry executives from tech companies, such as mophie in Tustin, (which makes battery cases for phones and other mobile devices); Experian with global HQ in Ireland and a large presence in OC, (a consumer credit reporting agency); Microsemi, with HQ in Aliso Viejo, (which makes chips for industries like aerospace and defense); and Cylance, with global HQ in Irvine, (an artificial intelligence-powered cybersecurity company.

One of the speakers on a blockchain-related panel on the first day, May 31, will be Mark Thornton, director of retail and CPG (consumer packaged goods) solutions at Oracle, a leader in developing and marketing database software and technology, especially its own brands of database management systems. Its HQ is in Redwood Shores. Blockchain is a secure digital ledger. (See full agenda of TIF participating companies here: https://www.tif2018.com/agenda/

OCTANe’s LaunchPad Small Business Development Center works with tech and life science startups throughout SoCal. The accelerator works to strategically position these companies and get them in front of appropriate investors to pitch to. It uses a human-based predictive analytics process to do that.

Since the accelerator was created in 2011, more than 570 companies have participated; 88% are still operating and 86% have received funding, Carpou said in the release. Also since then, participating companies have collectively raised more than $1.7 billion, which has yielded more than 8,200 jobs.

“Each year, the quality of companies increases,” said JC Ruffalo, Launchpad’s director. “And the diverse types of companies we had in our selection process made this year even more difficult to narrow it down to the presenting eight at (the forum).”

The presenting companies are:

  1. ADWAY, which provides a digital ad platform so ads can be placed on vehicles
  2. GigaIO, with HQ in Carlsbad, develops interconnected memory fabric for computing clusters, with the goal of accelerating large-scale workloads on-demand
  3. 3Moving Analytics, with HQ in San Francisco, developed Movn, a home-based cardiac rehab program
  4. Sapere is a data platform that uses wireless, cloud-connected sensors to test and monitor the optimal chemical qualities of wine
  5. Sitch AI‘s goal is to connect the digital and real world via the internet of things and artificial intelligence. (The internet of things is the interconnection – via the internet – of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data). It uses geo-location and indoor geo-spatial software to monitor, track and manage assets, security risks and awareness, providing behavioral analytics.
  6. Skylift Global developed drone technology to help firefighters fight wildfires by changing the way they get their supplies to the fire line
  7. TallyGo provides real-time, navigation software development kits that can be integrated into existing applications
  8. Water Pigeon developed a way to automate the existing meter reading infrastructure that utility companies have created, using a cellular network to send meter readings directly to them. That prevents the need to replace water meters or have to build wireless networks for this purpose, according to the company.

Presenting separately, as a LaunchPad success story, is NGD Systems (see related story here). NGD, with HQ in Irvine, is on the cutting edge of fog computing (bridging the gap between where data originates and the cloud). It recently raised more than $12 million in a Series B round to develop and manufacture hardware for this process.

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