UPDATE: Cannabis Company For Women Starts Taking Orders

Kimberly Kovacs, co-founder and CEO, MyJane

A cannabis-based startup specifically for women is taking orders on its website and plans to start delivering those orders in January.

Last week, MyJane, with HQ in Fullerton, held an intimate meet-and-greet at a cafe in Ladera Ranch to let OC women know about its products and services.

As part of its soft launch, the company is hosting another meet-and-greet Thursday in Laguna Beach at the Soul Project.

MyJane creates and delivers curated cannabis boxes for women with the goal of educating them about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and helping them achieve better health.

The company’s mantra evolved from “Women Helping Women” to “Women Helping Women Feel Better” when it acquired the assets to See Jane Go.

That was an OC startup to rival Uber – but dedicated to women, with female drivers. It stopped operations in January after it couldn’t raise enough funds to continue operations.

In that strategic acquisition, MyJane aligned itself with a brand that was already developed with women’s needs in mind. In the process, it received See Jane Go’s membership list and a cadre of female drivers to use for deliveries.

How It Works
Through a monthly service, clients will receive about seven to 10 “high-quality” cannabis products that address women’s health and wellness issues. These include teas, tinctures, edibles, vapes and rubs.

To start, MyJane is focusing on the Top 3 health issues that women have identified: pain; insomnia and poor sleep; and stress and anxiety. The boxes cost $125, much less than ordering full-size quantities of each product at full price would be.

In ordering a box, women can specify their specific health needs and get “experience-size” samples, which are between trial-size and full-size.

As they find items that work for them, they can re-order them in full-size quantities and have those delivered as well.

The company is building a database of cannabis products that’s reached over 1,000 to date.

It also plans to add a team of wellness advisors next year, including doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other health-care providers, to answer more specific questions.

And, MyJane plans to do hosted events for women around OC – something along the lines of a dinner party or a slumber party, where the wellness advisors would come and talk about the products and the benefits of cannabis.

Founder Kimberly Kovacs, an OC finance executive and entrepreneur, serves as CEO. She’s also the managing director of Arroyo Ventures, with HQ in Laguna Niguel, which focuses on advancing emerging growth companies, particularly women-owned organizations.

Michelle Patterson, the former CEO of the California Women’s Conference (she took that over from Maria Shriver) serves as Chief Experience Officer.

Girl Power
79% of women surveyed in OC agree that their most common health and wellness issues can be addressed with cannabis products, according to a recent survey conducted by San Diego-based research firm GroupSolver.

This survey also revealed the state of OC cannabis usage, documenting that up to 40% of OC respondents who experience stress and anxiety, sleep issues or pain turn to cannabis for relief.

But about 30% of recreational or medicinal cannabis users feel uncomfortable purchasing through a dispensary, with 79% of respondents expressing interest in trying a curated cannabis subscription service just for women.

MyJane plans to capitalize on this discomfort with its delivery service.

(The survey reached out to 42,000 women in OC who met qualification criteria and had a margin of error of less than 5%, with a confidence level of 90%.)

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Deirdre Newman is a long-time journalist, who's covered OC startups for a few years.

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