UPDATE: Hungry Lab Incubator, Which Still Keeps Home Base in Irvine, Continues to Evolve Internationally. Founder Bian Li Moved From Singapore to India to Create a New Paradigm…

The Hungry Lab incubator, which started in Irvine, continues to evolve. Hungry Lab serves as a consultant for entrepreneurs, social enterprises and businesses.

Founder Bian Li traveled extensively to Singapore over the last few years to “prove our model could work,” based on a $200,000 grant from that coutry’s government.

That was Hungry Lab 2.0

Earlier this year, Li decided that although her time in Singapore had been well spent, she was ready to move on.

She was hungry for Hungry Lab 3.0.

So, she moved on to India, while she continues to keep the incubator’s home base in Irvine.

India is now the model of a paradigm shift Li wants to create in terms of creating a “holistic entrepreneur” — essentially working on their mind and spirit. She hopes to roll out this new paradigm across the globe from India.

The relationship with India began in 2016.

Li traveled there last year to “plant seeds to germinate.”

“It’s taken a lot of patience and resilience,” she said. “There’s a lot of ups and downs.”

There’s now a Hungry Lab in Karala.

In India, she said that she and her team had to be “therapists” to deal with issues would-be entrepreneur were facing like fear, anxiety and embarrassment. That revealed to her, she said, that she had to deal with the whole person, not just the business mindset.

PowerMitra in Mumbai is one of the startups she works with. Vikesh Sharma is the founder. PowerMitra is a platform for stakeholders involved in solar energy, including investors, service providers, real estate owners and customers.

Hungry Lab 3.0
The main foci of Hungry Lab 3.0 address the following factors:

– startups don’t innovate in a vacuum
– students interested in entrepreneurship shouldn’t have to learn in a vacuum

So Li set out to change that.

The main thrust she tries to impart is that you have to work on your own personal development first, before you even think about becoming an entrepreneur.

“Get good seed,” she calls this. “How do we build better humans?”

“Technology, with humanity,” is key, she emphasized.

Students don’t necessarily need to go to college to become entrepreneurs, she said.

“We need to change systems and paradigms, starting at birth,” she said.

That includes building resiliency from Day One, she said.

But it’s not just about resilience.

“Resiliency is defensive, it’s reactive, it’s ‘How can I withstand and survive?’” she said.

She calls for entrepreneurs to be “regenerative” instead.

That means asking, “How can I thrive?” she said.

I want to build a “reconomy (regenerative economy),” she said.

Local Roots
While Hungry Lab still has its HQ in Irvine, she says it now is driven by “purpose.”

“Too many incubators are focused on product, not people,” she said. “We’re a global, holistic incubator.”

The incubator will work with anyone who “wants to make a change,” Li said, even if they’re not a would-be entrepreneur.

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