UPDATE: Inside Anduril: There are No Ethical Standards for the AI Tech Anduril is Using. CEO Palmer Luckery Doesn’t Have a Problem With That. And, He’s Taking No Initiative to Do Anything About It, on a Local, National or Universal Level….

See this must-read by NBC News here: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/inside-anduril-startup-building-ai-powered-military-technology-n1061771

Anduril has not responded to inquiries from OCSN.

It recently raised $200 million in a Series C round. See related article here: https://www.ocstartupsnow.com/news-socal-funding-roundup-june-29-july-3-anduril-arqlite-springhill-entertainment-airvet-elementary-robotics-tusimple-groupsolver/


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