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*UPDATE: Entrepreneur Creates YouTube Show

Entrepreneur Jarrett Rogers

Entrepreneur Jarrrett Rogers admires fellow entrepreneur Andy Frisella, who has one of the top podcasts on iTunes, the MFCEO Project (the acronym stands for “Motherfuckin’ Chief Executive Officer, popularized by Kenny Powers, a fictional world-famous baseball player in the HBO comedy series “Eastbound & Down,” who after exercising his K-Swiss stock options, went from functioning derelict to MFCEO of K-Swiss).

The MFCEO Project is designed to motivate people to succeed in business and life. Frisella has several companies with his business partner, including Supplement Superstores. The combined portfolio sees sales exceeding $100 million a year, according to his website.

“He’s one of my favorite entrepreneurs and…his advice is practical, free of political correctness and straight to the point,” Rogers said. “He doesn’t sugarcoat his advice and he’s an intelligent business man. He’s very resourceful and has a real comeup story. I wish I could have seen him when he was living on his urine-stained mattress in the back of his first store and how he built it to a $100M-plus company.”

Rogers was so inspired he decided to do something similar. The entrepreneur whose startup, Trusted Mechanix, launched in mid-2016 created a YouTube show to illustrate the “not so glamorous” side of entrepreneurship. (Trusted Mechanix provides mobile auto mechanics to come to your home or office.)

JRogTV follows Rogers through the trials and tribulations of his own entrepreneurial journey.

Rogers said he’s always wanted to start a YouTube channel where he could “be myself and inspire/motivate others.”

“Unfortunately, I allowed fear and self-consciousness to get in the way,” he confided. “I would always be afraid of what others would think. Now, I’m saying, ‘Screw it.’ My entire premise behind JRog TV is to show that entrepreneurship isn’t this glamorous journey Instagram and Facebook accounts try to portray. There’s too many fakes out there making money off selling programs and posing behind rented jets, Ferraris, and mansions. Entrepreneurship is hard work and takes years of personal growth, blood sweat and tears, and consistent effort… With this channel, I’m showing what it takes to be successful.”

He started with a weekly vlog that highlights certain events during his week, many of them entrepreneurial. The channel is for someone that’s either looking to start a business “but is clueless and waiting to make that jump” or already in their journey and “wants to resonate with someone to feel like they’re not alone” or “loves watching daily vlogs.”

Rogers believes entrepreneurship is “boring a lot of the time” so he’s taken on the challenge of trying to educate his audience, while entertaining them.

JRog TV launched in February. He started it with resources he already had: an iPhone 7 and free iMovie software from his Mac computer.

Rogers also launched an online smoke shop, BeakerBliss, in January to provide top-of-the-line smoking glass and vaporizers. He’s self-funded this endeavor with proceeds from Trusted Mechanix. The new legislation legalizing recreational marijuana in California was a catalyst. But an even bigger one was when he discovered that a friend owned a business that sold these types of products to dispensaries and is experiencing revenue of $20M-plus per year.

“It made sense for me to tackle the online space,” he said.

Rogers is working on creating a subscription model for this company, which could debut this summer.

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